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Having strong digital presence is important, especially on social platforms where brands connect with social advocates.

At Pocca Dot Media, we help in tackling the ever-widening digital landscape with a plan that sets your objectives, brand assets and marketing direction in mind. Our know-how on playing the digital marketing field combined with research on your brand, industry and competitors sets us ahead of competition.


Some objectives are most effectively met with well-developed applications, whether it is to generate leads, reach out to your target audience with a major marketing campaign, implement creative contest mechanics or simply just engaging your target audience in a fun way that is also rewarding for business.

Our Facebook apps are made to comply with all relevant Facebook policies, take full advantage of Facebook tools and plugins and integrate deeply with Facebook via the Open Graph API to increase your app's engagement, distribution, and growth.


So you've got great contents and great apps. Now how can we reach more people who are most likely to engage with your brand?

The answer is connection! We can help you to connect with your customers and accurately target your audience on a demographic and behavioural level to find new ones. We will then monitor your media performance to optimise your media budget and since digital ads run in real time, changes can be made in the blink of an eye.

Brand Guard

Every business needs to protect their brand online to combat the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust.

Hence, it is our willing initiative to offer you an effective online brand protection strategy to ensure and secure your brand integrity to prevent online brand abuse.


As a trusted team of innovative and strategic storytellers, we intend to bring out the best in your brand through creative execution.

We dive in to understand your the core of your brand and work collaboratively with you by providing strategic marketing solutions to send your key messages effectively in impacting what your audiences think, feel and believe.

We connects the dots to all possibilities.


Want to know the results of your digital marketing efforts and social media strategy? We'll look at the data, and metrics that matter to provide you with meaningful insights on how well we've been doing based on what's been done, and why.

Using a combination of Facebook Page Insights and in-house tools, we'll evaluate the results and offer recommendations to improve and optimise your strategy. Competitor benchmarking and analysis can also be included in reports according to your specific requirements.


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